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TOM Students

In Week 7 of Term 3, Tournament of Minds students submitted their final projects in the form of a 10-minute film.

Twenty seven amazing students came together every Wednesday as a group to swap ideas and share information and then move into individual groups to work on solving their challenges.

Many obstacles were overcome and students created film entries in groups of seven.

Things learnt along the way:

• How far the International Space Station (ISS) is from earth

• There is more to Aladdin than you think

• Rabbit holes are real and you really can get lost in one

• Switching forms from PDF to word back to PDF whilst inserting seven signatures

• The best place in Australia to launch a rocket to reach ISS

• What are Pioneer Plaques and the Voyager Golden Records

• Cooperation and friendship is important

Watching students use curriculum skills outside their subject area is inspiring, sometimes thinking outside the box and sometimes thinking how to use the box differently.


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