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The College encourages reading and our Library is a popular, vibrant and engaging learning centre.

The Library is open:

Monday – Thursday    8am to 4:30pm

Friday                            8am to 3:30pm

Please note closing times can vary with special events and student-free days.

Homework Club

Perhaps the words homework and club do not sit easily together but, in practice, the College’s Homework Club is a boon for students who may need a little extra help or who have limited quiet study space at home.

The Club, located in the Library, runs during term time each Monday and Wednesday from 3.30pm - 5.00pm.  Students are provided with afternoon tea in the boarding house first. The library is a quiet place where students can do their homework or assessment tasks or, if they need it, to seek assistance. The Club is available to all current students.

Please note, the Homework Club is strictly a time for productive study and students who attend must engage in meaningful learning activities that assist their academic progress.  To maximise that potential, the tutors in attendance are past students who achieved excellent ATAR results.


The tutors will:

  • help students to do general homework;

  • assist students in undertaking assessment tasks; and

  • provide guidance to senior students on how to organise themselves in order to achieve their best for the HSC.

Given student safety considerations are paramount, parents/carers must provide a signed permission note which details how a student will go home at 5.00pm. For convenience, a permission note is emailed to parents/carers at the start of the year.



Homework Club

Monday and Wednesday 

afternoons, 3.30pm to 5pm.

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