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At Schols we have introduced what we call Parent/Carer Partnership Meetings.  This change in our approach makes it easier for parents to raise topics and ideas and to make suggestions for consideration by the School and, by so doing, to improve the outcomes of a Schols’ education for girls and young women. The work of the 2016 P&F Executive and recent studies in the field of partnerships in education form the basis of the new structure for engagement.


This initiative offers a series of interest groups and forums, both to share relevant information and to facilitate a collaborative approach to improving the school.  Possible topics for discussion and sharing could include:


For interest groups:

  • Community-building

  • Communication

  • Community outreach

  • Master Plan/ building works

  • Fundraising

Potential forum topics:

  • Parenting teens

  • Cyber-care in the home

  • Mental health for teens

  • Social skilling teenage girls

  • Supporting learning at home


More information and opportunities to be involved in interest groups will be displayed on this page from time to time.



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