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In today’s global society there are many career choices.  At St Scholastica's we prepare our students to make informed and realistic decisions about their future and offer access to a range of Vocational Education courses.  Each course delivers different advantages to the student.


VET courses play a very useful role in helping students to make decisions about further education, training and employment. Students who are interested in studying in a vocational subject may elect to study courses delivered by TAFE NSW.  These courses are typically offered at Sydney Institute of TAFE campuses and involve the students being placed in cluster classes with students from other high schools. TAFE delivered VET (EVET) is offered in a wide range of vocational subject areas and is targeted at students who are seeking a vocational education path. Students who wish to pursue a EVET course will be required to pay the cost of the course.  Students receive recognition towards their school qualification (Record of School Achievement or HSC), as well as a nationally recognised VET qualification (Certificate or Statement of Attainment).


Careers Counsellor

Our Careers Counsellor, Mrs Joanne Cousins, assists students with their transition from the College. Students can participate in a variety of  activities that allow them to explore the world of work, future study courses and careers as well as their personal style including:

  • Career Profiling Assessment in Year 10

  • Individual careers counselling sessions in Years 11 and 12

  • Voluntary work experience in Years 10, 11 and 12 during school holidays

  • Workshops and excursions related to post school options

  • Guest speakers from various Universities, TAFE and Private Colleges during lunchtimes

Career Links

Below are some links you may find useful with possible career choices or future study options:

  • JobJump – subscribe now to get career + course information for students & parents

  • Career Bullseyes – great to look at career options if you are interested in certain subjects and industries

  • My Big Tomorrow  – to inspire young people to think about their future careers, search a range of careers and get information about the skills and qualifications they need

  • The Good Universities Guide – information on universities, TAFE and private providers

  • Footnotes – to assist students in Years 10-12 with information on future careers, courses and assistance with studying for the HSC

  • Studyvibe – a range of resources, programs and products that support learning – free to all students, parents and teachers. Subscribe today and check it out to support you on your HSC journey.

  • Interview – how using Facebook can affect your future.  Click here to see the potential impact of your digital footprint!


Mrs Jo Cousins

Careers Counsellor & VET Coordinator

Available Mon/Wed/Thu


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