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St Scholastica's College has recently changed its House structure.  The original four Houses, Davis, Polding, Ullathorne and Vaughan have been retired to make way for seven new Houses.  There was a strong preference among students not to add new Houses to the existing four but to allow the creation of seven new Houses. The seven Houses match the seven Homerooms in each year group. Students will begin their time at the College in a Homeroom, and whilst their other subjects will change over the years, their Homeroom remains their House identity as a constant throughout their time at Schols.

Each new House is named after a significant woman in the life of the College, with a flora emblem (and colour) linked to the original plants from our school area, identified through Gadigal language.


House Adamson - Wagdanguli

Yellow - Flora Sydney Wattle 

House Hart - Warada

Red - Flora Waratah

House Byrne - Midjuburi

Pink - Flora Lilly Pilly

House Ronayne - Bunya

Green - Flora Coastal Tea Tree

House Gibbons - Bumura

Purple - Flora Kangaroo Apple

House Clarke - Wadanggari

Orange - Flora Banksia

House McLaughlin - Yarra

Blue - Flora Sydney Blue Gum

It is as members of these Houses that students compete in sporting and cultural activities, celebrate the diversity of student achievement, engage in fundraising and promote the College spirit. The Houses facilitate both a connection for students across all year groups and as a focal point for relationship building with peers.

All students work to see their House succeed.  Each House has a leadership team drawn from Years 11 and 12, with class representatives from the junior year groups. The student leaders of each House are in turn supported by their staff House Mentor. 


House History

Since the 1960s, the College student body has worked within four traditional Houses but as the College grew, four Houses became too limiting. Student leaders struggled to lead Houses of up to 250 students, particularly with Year 7 students across all seven Homerooms.

In 2016 and 2017, working with students, staff and families, a new system was developed to allow for the Homeroom to become a central site for House life, allowing for more regular contact across the year groups, with greater support amongst the students.

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