HSC 2021 Overview

The following overview summarises some of the achievements of our girls in the 2021 Higher School Certificate.  Congratulations are extended to all the girls and their teachers.

Fascinating Facts

  • xxx Students sat the 2021 HSC

  • A very noticeable shift out of the bottom Bands (Bands 1-3)

  • Results are very strong in Band 4 and Band 5.

  • xx Students received a Band 6 result.

  • Many students showed very significant improvement.

HSC 2021 Individual Highlights - TBA

Top Achiever (students who perform in the top 10-15 students in a subject in the State):

All-rounders (Band 6 - 90% or above in at least 10 units of study):

Top ATARS - top 3 known ATARs for 2021:

Stunning Statistics
  • TBA

Exceptional Results in Band 5 and 6

Courses where students achieved outstanding results in the top two bands:



HSC Showcase and Exhibition
Nominations and Distinctions



  • Mia Economou

  • Lucy Simic

  • Mia Van Dort-Gilmore

  • Lucinda Shearman (exhibiting at AGNSW)

  • Sabine Hattersley (exhibiting at AGNSW)

  • Marlie Howley (exhibiting at Hazelhurst Gallery)

  • Claudia Karskens (exhibiting at The Armory)

  • Harriet Murphy (exhibiting at The Armory)



  • Grace Mitchell


  • Katherine Turk


  • Marlie Howley (for Society and Culture PIP)