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St Scholastica's College is known for its vibrant and welcoming boarding community for girls in Years 7 – 12. Boarding is never quite like home but, located in a beautiful and peaceful landscape and within a rich and diverse community, boarding at St Scholastica's can be a wonderful experience. It is a welcoming environment with well-established protocols, procedures and policies to keep boarders safe.

Our boarding community of just 80 girls is large enough to be interesting and diverse, yet contained enough to be inclusive and personal. Cared for and nurtured by highly qualified staff who enjoy working with the girls, Schols is great place to live, learn, be taught and to make lifelong friends.

In keeping with the College motto, PAX or Peace, students are encouraged to be respectful of others, to demonstrate mutual care and to accept responsibility. Boarding assists students to be aware of and to respond to the wider social and cultural realities of our world.


Our boarders come from around Australia and overseas and bring with them a wide range of abilities, learning and life experiences and expectations.  This diversity exposes our girls to different ways of thinking and of seeing the world, building a broader outlook on life.  Boarders have a strong presence in every aspect of school life, including academic pursuits, sport and leadership roles. They are at the heart of the broader College community.


Boarders are accommodated on College grounds in two wings of an historic 1940s building. Years 7 to 10 boarders share a double room while seniors have a room of their own.  Each dormitory has a common room, a place for the boarders to relax, with comfortable lounges, a TV and DVD player and a kitchenette. Boarders also have access to both the College’s and nearby local amenities, including the Sydney University and State libraries, swimming pools and other sports facilities.  Recreational access to the school network and the internet after school hours is also permitted.

As a boarder, your daughter will eat well; fresh fruit and milk (including lactose free milks) for hot and cold drinks are available at all times; and of course, we cater for vegetarians and students with special dietary needs. Each term we endeavour to have a couple of special theme dinners, an opportunity to dress up, try different foods and have fun!


Want to Know More?

For information about Boarding, or to make an appointment to visit the College, contact our Head of Boarding, Ms Libby Molony by calling: (02) 9660 2622 or by emailing our Enrolments Officer:



Boarding Office is open

8am - 4pm M-F

+61 2 9660 0342


Australian Boarding Schools Association 

Boarding Q & A


How many boarders live at Schols?

There are up to 100 boarders, in a total student population of about 1000.

Where do the boarders come from?

From rural, regional and remote NSW, North Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, China, Dubai, Thailand and Taiwan.

What kind of access do parents/carers have and what are the leave allowances for the boarders?
  • Parents/carers have unrestricted access to their daughters either by phone, email or in person.

  • Appropriate leave guidelines are devised for each age group to provide ample opportunities for boarders to enjoy outings and overnight stays. There are clear procedures to ensure any leave taken is organised and authorised.

  • If in Sydney, parents are encouraged to spend some time with their daughters.

What is the structure of the boarding school and how are the girls supervised?
  • There are seven full-time Boarding Supervisors and a number of casual boarding staff. Each dormitory and year group has dedicated supervisors who meet the daily needs of the girls. They wake the girls in the morning and are there to greet them on their return in the afternoon.

  • The Boarding Supervisors actively supervise prep and take an interest in the assessment tasks of their year groups. This allows the staff to keep track of the girls’ academic progress and to communicate regularly with the day school to ensure they are on track.

  • Supervisors are the first point of contact for both boarders and parents/carers.

  • The Boarding Administrator runs the Boarding Office Monday to Friday during office hours, and she is the person to contact regarding leave, travel and other general enquires. The Head and Assistant Head of Boarding may be contacted at any time.

What do the girls do after school?

The time after school and before dinner is spent pursuing co-curricular activities, sports or music practice. The extensive co-curricular program keeps the girls busy. They may take local leave to Glebe Point Road or the Broadway shopping centre or simply have some down time relaxing in the dorm with friends.

How do the girls contact home and vice versa? 

In this day and age of mobile communications, and with a dedicated landline in each dormitory, access to home has never been easier. Each student has a Schols email address so they may keep in contact with family and friends.

When is the best time to ring?

Parents and friends are asked to call outside prep and meal times. For girls in Years 7 to 10, phones, computers and personal tablets are collected each evening to ensure a good night’s sleep. They can collect them each morning after rooms are tidied and dorm duties completed.

What if my daughter gets homesick?

It is perfectly natural for boarders to experience homesickness at some time, particularly when they first arrive and are away from family for the first time. There is no magic cure but the boarding staff have coping strategies. Keeping busy is the one of the best ways to combat homesickness and parents can help by encouraging their daughters to try out all the different co-curricular activities on offer. New boarders are allocated a ‘buddy’, so they immediately have one person to whom they can turn for help. The more seasoned boarders help new boarders with strategies to minimise homesickness. They have “been there, done that” and themselves benefitted from the help of older girls when they first arrived.

It is not uncommon for parents/carers of boarders to also experience a sense of loss or separation when their children leave the family unit to go to boarding school. Boarding staff and other boarding parents can help you through these times.

Do the boarders have to go to Mass?

Yes, we are a Catholic school, founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict to provide a Catholic education for young women. The philosophy of the College is guided by the principles of Good Samaritan Education and the Rule of Benedict. The boarders are escorted by staff, and are usually expected to attend Mass on Saturday evenings at the local parish, St James’ Forest Lodge, during term time.

What if my daughter doesn’t get along with her roommate?

Boarders in Years 7 to 10 change rooms each term. They are invited to nominate 4 people with whom they would like to share and every effort is made to accommodate their wishes. It is not always achievable, but it does give each of the boarders the opportunity to share with someone different. There are many benefits to changing rooms regularly; principally the girls learn to get along with all kinds of people, a useful attribute in the world of tertiary study and work. If there is conflict, the Supervisor will work to find a harmonious compromise in keeping with the College values and the College motto PAX, or ‘Peace’.


What is boarding school food really like?

A far cry from the boarding school food parents or carers may have experienced themselves. A lot of attention is given to the nutritional needs of growing adolescents and they are provided with an array of appetising meals and snacks. The sheer diversity of dishes provides the opportunity for the boarders to try new things, to educate their palate as well as provide fuel for everyday activities.

Can my daughter keep her phone at night?

Senior boarders in Years 11 and 12 may keep their phones at night. Junior girls who are often sharing a room, need to hand their phones in at night as a courtesy, and to ensure they get enough, undisturbed sleep.

When can I take a tour of the Boarding School?

Prospective boarders and their families are welcome to take a tour of the Boarding School - please call our Enrolments Officer on (02) 9660 2622 or email to arrange a tour.

The College holds an annual Open Day in March – please check our Open Day page for information.

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