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St Scholastica's College vision for the redevelopment of the school is to provide contemporary teaching facilities and space for the current school population, incorporating the school’s values of Peace and Stewardship.


The current campus is made up of a range of architectural styles built at different times through the school’s history, including two heritage buildings which made up the original school. The School has developed a new building Master Plan for the campus which includes a mixture of refurbishments and new build both to improve the current infrastructure and to create much-needed additional floor space.

The Master Plan for the built environment is designed in five stages:

Stage 1 – Refurbishment of the existing staff areas and library into classrooms and shared
learning spaces. COMPLETED.

Stage 2 – The Junior Block will be extended, enlarging General Learning Areas (GLAs) and
creating new and refurbished specialist areas (Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Fitness, Science and TAS).  A new café, outdoor learning area, IT hub and amenities will also be included in this stage.  COMPLETED.

Stage 3 – Refurbishment of the Senior Block and remaining TAS facilities.  COMPLETED.

Stage 4 –Construction of the new entry, learning resource centre and staff areas and the
refurbishment of the Administration Centre and Wychwood.

Stage 5 – Redevelopment of the Trixie Forest Centre.


To allow the School to continue operating during construction and refurbishment of all stages, suitable temporary accommodation space has been established.


The design of the redevelopment is centred on preserving existing heritage and green space whilst creating new, flexible learning spaces aligned with contemporary expectations.  Stewardship of the site has been considered to minimise the impact of the redevelopment on future use of the site.

The new spaces provide a range of learning environments including large multi-purpose areas where year groups or Houses can assemble. There are improvements to all areas of teaching and learning including smaller spaces that can act as breakout areas, peer-tutoring spaces or one-on-one teaching spaces. Fitness facilities have also be improved increasing opportunities for students to pursue fitness activities on site.




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