STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Success in these subjects offers great scope for successful careers in a wide variety of industrial and government sectors.


The College works innovatively to unblock students’ potential reluctance to undertake STEM subjects and to create and sustain their interest and engagement throughout their studies.


One very exciting initiative for our STEM students is the College’s partnership with the FINCH Company in Sydney for the development and delivery of our STEM program. This is a most stimulating element of our STEM offer, and involves our Years 9 and 10 Design and Technology students working with FINCH engineers to build a project from concept to actualisation.


This partnership sparks imagination, innovation and creativity among Schols’ students and propels their interest in STEM studies. Their ideas are set free. If creating a “Hair Doer”, a “ Smart Dock” or an “Unbreakable Hair Tie” sparks your interest, watch the video below that outlines the Schols-FINCH partnership or talk with our TAS teachers. You will see how initiatives of this kind bring to life the value of STEM studies at Schols.


STEM underpins communities and transforms nations. The College is committed to producing many of the STEM leaders of tomorrow.



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