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Enrichment at St Scholastica's College

Our gifted and talented students benefit from rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities based on the Australian Curriculum content. Beyond what is offered to meet the Australian Curriculum content, students also have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of extension and enrichment activities across all learning domains including cognitive, affective, and psychomotor (see below). 

Students in Years 7 to 11 are offered a range of programs and full day workshops designed to develop critical and creative problem-solving skills.  Students are able to interact and engage in issues relevant to their local and global community and become discerning citizens of the world.

Extension Courses:

•    Accelerated Mathematics (Years 9-11)
•    Accelerated Studies of Religion II
•    Philosophy Year 10
•    Elective History
•    Elective Geography
•    Mathematics (1 and 2)
•    English (1 and 2)
•    Music Extension
•    History Extension
•    Languages

Workshops and Programs in Which Students May Participate Include:

•    Australian Geography Competition
•    Australian Maths Trust
•    Big Science Competition Years 7-10
•    Clancy Art Prize
•    Da Vinci Decathlon Competition
•    Debating
•    Ethics Olympiad
•    History Teacher Association Extension Prize
•    Inspire Arts Challenge
•    International Chemistry Competition
•    Film Making Competitions
•    Maths Olympiad
•    Mock Trial
•    Model United Nations
•    Music Composition Workshops

•    Partnerships with various Universities in our neighbourhood provide study opportunities  including Engineering, Software Design and Development and Biology.

•    Public Speaking 
•    Science and Engineering Challenge
•    Scientia Challenge
•    Science Olympiad
•    Slam Poetry Year 7
•    Spectacular Science Experiential
•    Sydney Peace Prize Lecture and Presentation
•    Sydney Writers’ Festival
•    Theatre Sports
•    Tournament of Minds
•    National Art School HSC Program
•    Year 12 Chemistry National Titration Competition
•    Young Justice The Law Society of NSW


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