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Spirituality is at the heart of our College and is informed by the Benedictine tradition that  sustains and nourishes the human spirit.

Benedictine values, the story of the Good Samaritan and the life of Christ are the foundation stones of College life.  They are not abstract notions and students are encouraged, through their faith, to search for meaning and to acquire a sound, moral basis for living their lives.


Our motto is PAX – or Peace, a universal longing, which we promote by developing young women who, through the way they live their lives, help create peaceful, generous and tolerant communities.

Mission Statement

  • St Scholastica's College is an Independent Catholic day and boarding secondary school for girls. Founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in the Benedictine tradition, the College proudly continues the Sisters' legacy to girls’ education.

  • The College is a diverse, Christ-centred, inclusive community which respects the dignity and individuality of each member.

  • We respond to our motto, PAX (Peace) through the relationships we foster, the physical environment of our College grounds and our active commitment to social justice.

  • We promote a school culture which focuses on the academic and personal growth of each student. We celebrate diversity and provide an environment that enables all to find a place.


Our Mission

To equip young women to play their part in a world beyond school.

To ensure that students reach their full potential and are confident to live successful lives of peace, compassion, justice and tolerance.

Our Vision

To educate young women who, with justice and compassion, will make a difference in the world.

To ensure that St Scholastica’s College remains an educational institution of first choice for girls and young women.


Our Values

Our values are based on the life of Christ,

The enduring values of St Benedict,

The humanity reflected in the parable of the Good Samaritan,

Respect for the spirituality of the first Australians.

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