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Ordering Textbooks from Endeavour Education

To order all required textbooks, visit Endeavour Education.

  1. On use the menu to select Parent Hub > Order your booklist

  2. Enter the St Scholastica’s Booklist code: STSCH2432 and click the "Sign in" button

  3. Choose your required year group/s and select the 'On-line Order' option. (If you wish to send your order by mail you can download the PDF).

  4. ​Select your books:

    • Select ALL books for EVERY subject being studied

    • If a subject does not have a textbook listed, it does not require a textbook

    • If a subject has a textbook listed, it is REQUIRED for the subject

​Please note: Current students should use their school email address when placing their booklist order. Future year 7 students, or new students in other year groups who are yet to be issued a school email, should use their personal email address. Please ensure that students have access to this email address and password, so that they can access their digital texts. Their account will then be linked to their school email after it has been issued by the school.

Textbooks are purchased from Endeavour Education. These purchases are not handled by the College. If you need to contact Endeavour Education, please visit their contact page:

Stationery and Equipment Lists

On the right side of this page you will find the stationery and equipment lists for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in 2022.


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