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Student Wellbeing


St Scholastica’s College invests substantially in the overall mental and physical wellbeing of its students. The Assistant Principal Pastoral Care and Wellbeing, two full-time counsellors and six Heads of Year, know and understand the pressures that can build among girls and young women. They help students acquire and sustain the resilience and mental strength needed to maximise performance at school. Preventive strategies prevail but our Pastoral Care staff are quick to identify problems early, and work in partnership with families to best support the students.

Heads of Year work with the College Counsellors, as required, to support students in the year group. For both parents and girls, the Heads of Years are important points of contact when issues arise that may affect a student's ability to participate in school life. The Heads of Year, Homeroom and class teachers and the Heads of Department collaborate to build positive relationships with the students.



Cyber Safety


The wellbeing of our students remains an important concern in this time of online learning. There are links and strategies available for students from reputable providers on the Student Wellbeing page within the Community Life Course on Canvas. The College Counsellors, Jen and Bek, are also available for appointments via the Student Wellbeing page, and the Head of Year can also assist. Students are encouraged to also keep talking with their class teachers.

The importance of wellbeing for our students was central in the organisation of our Online Learning School Day which ends at 2:30pm. The junior school Schols Create challenge each week is an important part of our Wellbeing plan at this time, validating the idea of life beyond the screen and promoting student creativity.


Each year at St Scholastica’s College we celebrate Pax Day. Pax is a call to action, for all of us to work towards peace. This event is a significant community day in the college calendar and reinforces our commitment to practicing Pax as a society, and a moment to self-reflect and understand the importance of finding inner peace. This year, students celebrated Pax Day online with a video presentation and were encouraged to spend the remainder of the day to find some peace away from schoolbooks and screens, as a wellbeing break during this complex period.


Smart phones, personal tablets and the associated technology and internet sites are infinitely appealing and genuinely present opportunities in education and life. Our students are encouraged to take advantage of the technology both to advance their studies and to instil confidence in its use. Within that framework, cyber safety is an ever-present consideration and, at Schols, through a continuing program we aim to develop the students' sense of cyber citizenship in their engagement with technology.


Information can be obtained from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner’s website: site has a clear and effective section especially designed for parents and carers.

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