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Schols Sustainability Garden

Duke of Edinburgh students at St Scholastica's College have recently begun a Schols Sustainability Garden group. The aim is to use recycled materials as much as possible to grow a garden of herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Students have done an excellent job thus far, using egg cartons from Hospitality class to grow seedlings. They have also asked teachers to leave out any used empty milk bottles from the staff room, collecting the bottles and pinning holes in them to use as watering cans. The milk bottles have also come in handy as self-water pots.

Some students have experimented with 'plant cuttings' at home and propagated herbs such as mint and rosemary. Once the cuttings have grown roots, students have brought them to school and planted them in recycled Bunnings pots.

Students have even had success with collecting seeds from home cooking, drying them and planting them. So far, after experimenting with capsicum, chilli and passionfruit seeds that were collected, success has only been seen with the passion fruit (pictured). However, students are still experimenting!

The Schols Sustainability Garden has been running since Term 2 this year. Due to the excessive rainfall over the last few months, students have had to keep their projects limited to pots. As spring approaches, and the seedlings grow, students aim to transition their plants to garden beds.

We have recently reached out to staff at the College to ask for any items that they would like to donate, see the poster below for more information:


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