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Online Parent Resources

During this time of online learning and lockdown the following resources could be of interest to families within our community.

Triple P

Triple P is a parenting program that allows parents to choose the strategies they need and how to use them to help make a positive difference to their child’s development.

  • ‘Triple P’ stands for ‘Positive Parenting Program’

  • Program aimed to help parents with pre-teens and teens

  • It is available FREE of charge to parents and carers in the Central and Eastern Sydney region (for a full list of postcodes visit HERE)

  • To find out more about Triple P visit:


Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds.

  • Headspace currently has free PARENT AND CARER ONLINE SESSIONS: Supporting young people through COVID-19

  • Session focus is on COVID-19 and providing parents and carers with information and strategies to proactively support their young people (12-25) during these uncertain times.

  • To book a session visit HERE.

  • Headspace have been liaising with key stakeholders in the community and hope to have a panel component to each of these sessions, providing information regarding the variety of supports available to young people during this period of increasing lockdowns and disruptions to daily life.

Additional information on these sessions can be found here:


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