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Parent Resource #ChatStarter

#ChatStarter is a national program that was launched in August 2021 to help support children and young people who may be dealing with stress, anxiety, mental health challenges or are going through a difficult time during the pandemic.

The program was developed by the National Mental Health Commission and provides easy-to-use tips and resources that have been developed by mental health clinicians with the aim to help parents and carers build confidence in their capability to support their children or loved ones who may be experiencing distress or mental health challenges.

#ChatStarter provides tips on how to start a conversation and highlights how critical conversations can be in helping identify when someone is going through a challenging or difficult time.

#ChatStarter also identifies that sometimes talking may not necessarily be the best way to ‘start a conversation’. They provide alternative ways to transcend barriers to conversation, such as engaging in fun, creative, and productive activities together, which can help lead to starting a conversation by helping to build trust and create a safe place for people to begin to talk.


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