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Dancing on a Monday! Yes, Please! Join Now!

Nothing will stop the Schol’s recreational dance team, who are continuing their Monday recreational dance classes during lockdown.

Each Monday afternoon, after a day full of Online Learning, students hop back on their screens for something a little different – dance class. A great way for students to wind down, have some fun and keep connected with their fellow peers at Schols, this weekly dance class incorporates a diverse range of genres to keep things interesting.

“It is a great way to keep active while in lockdown. It also gives students the opportunity to engage online with fellow students which helps with mindfulness and helps to keep connections active,” Lauren, who runs the program explains.

“Our aim is to have different industry professionals teach different styles each week to keep the class fun and interesting for all. For example, Week 2 was jazz, Week 3 hip-hop and Week 4 will be a different style again.

The program is open to all students across all year groups at St Scholastica’s College. Any students who are interested in joining, contact Ms Osborne via email for details.


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