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Community Privacy Statement

St Scholastica’s College values the privacy of every individual and is committed to protecting personal information it collects from members of its community. All employees including contractors, service providers and volunteers comply with the privacy legislation and

St Scholastica’s College Privacy Policy

Collection of your personal information

St Scholastica’s College collects your personal information for the primary purpose of sharing information and connecting with community members who have indicated an interest in the education offered at St Scholastica’s College, the activities that occur on the campus, its heritage buildings or in changes to the buildings and structure of the campus.

We will mainly collect information directly from you. There may be circumstances where information may be provided on your behalf from third parties who have a common interest in working with St Scholastica’s College for the benefit of the wider community. We will only collect information from other sources with your consent or in accordance with the law.

Security and retention of your personal information 

We hold your information in secure and purpose specific systems. These systems have access and security policies and procedures in place which are designed to protect your personal information and ensure that only employees with appropriate authorisation can access this information. 

We may collect information based on how individuals use our website. We may use ‘’cookies’’ and other data collection methods to collect information on website activity such as the number of visitors, the number of pages viewed and the internet advertisements which bring visitors to our website. This information is collected to analyse and improve our website, marketing campaigns and to record statistics on web traffic. We do not use this information to personally identify individuals.

What will your personal information be used and disclosed for? 

St Scholastica’s College will only use or disclose your personal information: 

  • for the purpose for which it was collected

  • for a directly related purpose 

  • when we have the appropriate consent to do so, or 

  • as otherwise required, permitted, or authorised by law. 

Access and correction of personal information

Should you require access to your personal information or want to change your personal information please contact the Privacy Officer at St Scholastica’s College.

Reporting a privacy breach

If you are concerned that St Scholastica’s College systems may have been breached, immediately contact the Privacy Officer at St Scholastica’s College.

How to contact the Privacy Officer at St Scholastica’s College? 


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