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The College continually reviews our Digital Learning Environment. Please see our DLE Strategic Plan.

All Year Groups 2017 and beyond

We have put together a handbook with information about College BYO device requirements and recommendations:

BYOD Family Handbook

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Information Technology

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a high-quality, contemporary learning experience for our students, the College has decided to move from our current 1:1 laptop program to a staged Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program from 2014 through to 2017.

Primary Device Table

This forms part of the overall vision for teaching and learning at the College, and is referred to as the Digital Learning Environment or DLE. Our DLE should recognise the changing nature of technology within our school community and beyond, with the increase in cross-platform tools and strategies increasingly available to our students. Our DLE will provide a framework within which teachers can design engaging and valuable learning experiences that students can apply to their world beyond school.

Each school that is moving into a new Digital Learning Environment has different needs and thus will structure their DLE differently in order to suit their context. In our case, we believe the model we have chosen best serves our aims and values. Regardless of the device, students at the College are required to adhere to the standards and expectations of the College at all times.

Much research, effort and consultation has occurred in building towards this decision and we will seek your feedback in appropriate forums.

We look forward to building on the successes of each year in terms of teaching and learning with technology, and also to helping your daughter to become a strong, independent and responsible digital citizen.

We've provided answers to some frequently asked questions in our FAQ document. Further questions and concerns can be addressed to and be sure to return to this page for further updates about the Program.


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