A sense of the spiritual

Our values define our sense of the spiritual.  Spirituality lies at the heart of the ethos of St Scholastica’s College and reflects its Good Samaritan/Benedictine tradition: in touch with the earth, in touch with the spirit. 

The College motto is ‘Pax’: our hope is that the young women who are educated at the College will promote peace in their communities through their actions.

There are many similarities between the world of Benedict in the 6th century and the world today, both driven by the values of materialism, power, individualism, personal comfort and exploitation, which were and remain ultimately unfulfilling.  Benedict set up a monastic tradition, based on values which sustain and fulfil the human spirit, and that tradition has lasted to the present day.

Prayer, liturgies and reflection days are a vital part of the Religious Education Program at the College. They provide an opportunity for the students to be in touch with their spirituality and to develop that true sense of community which is built on open minds, open hearts and the inclusion of difference. 

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